May 15 TO 18, 2025


Visa invitation letter

An invitation letter from the trade fair organisers is no longer mandatory. Unlike for other business visitor visa, the invitation letter from a trade fair organiser usually does not have an additional substantiation function.

The relevant conditions (documents, proof, deadlines, etc.) for the application for a trade fair visa shall be enquired from the competent local embassy or consulate. Please contact the embassy or the consulate in due time. The required documents must always be handed in completely!

To apply for an invitation you need a valid ticket code. Tickets for the next HIGH END can be ordered here.

Please fill in the form below.

To warrant the receipt of the visa in time, participants and trade visitors requiring an invitation letter for visa purposes should register early.

Please observe the following information concerning your application for an invitation letter:

  • Your personal data will be taken directly from the online form. No changes or corrections can be made by HIGH END SOCIETY.
  • If your invitation letter contains incorrect data you have to fill in the online form again.
  • The invitation letter will be sent to you by email with an attached pdf file. Invitations will NOT be sent BY FAX neither to you nor to the relevant embassy.
  • The processing time takes up to 5 days and CANNOT by shortened.
  • Please check your spam folder before contacting us for undelivered invitations.
  • If you require an original copy of the invitation letter for your visa application, please inform us soon. The original will then be sent by regular mail. The HIGH END SOCIETY does not assume any costs for express post or courier services. If you wish to have the original copy sent by courier, you can arrange pick-up of the document on your own, and will be responsible for all associated costs.

The address for pick up is:

Vorm Eichholz 2g
42119 Wuppertal / Germany

We kindly ask for your understanding that we will not process individual requests.

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