The HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH is a separate subsidiary of the HIGH END SOCIETY Association for High Quality Audio and Video Reproduction.

Since the company's founding in 1995, it has organised all of the association's commercial projects. The key elements here include the planning, organisation and staging of trade fairs, exhibitions, sales events, symposiums and specialist lectures.

For many years, the HIGH END has been the international and unparalleled sounding board when it comes to presenting high-quality entertainment electronics. Over the past four decades, the hi-fi exhibition, which started out in 1982 as a small hotel showcase, has developed into the world's largest specialised trade fair of its kind. The exhibition areas and rooms in Munich's MOC offer space for some 550 exhibitors, and the event's exclusive exhibits and first-rate music demonstrations on four exhibition days annually draw over 21,000 visitors.

Furthermore professionals and guests from the entire Alpine region have come to Zurich to experience the latest developments in hi-fi equipment at the HIGH END SWISS for more than one decade. With the FINEST AUDIO SHOW we will continue the long lasting tradition of national and regional HiFi trade shows in the future.  


We gladly embrace the challenge presented by the evolution of the analog to the digital world, and each year anew, we continuously work towards making our events interesting and diversified for professionals and consumers alike.