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When the HIGH END 2024 opens on 9 May 2024 at the MOC Event Center Messe Munich, there will be a varied entertainment program in addition to surprising world premieres, innovative product developments and impressive listening experiences. The X-PERT STAGE, the new talk and lecture format at the HIGH END in Atrium 2, provides the right platform for this. On Friday and Saturday, industry experts, manufacturers and enthusiasts will give their take on the future of the audio industry, explore new horizons together and share their audiophile knowledge.

The events on the agenda complement the international audio show with lectures on theoretical principles by renowned experts, along with several fascinating panel discussions with leading industry experts. The event starts off on Friday, 10 May 2024, with two interesting presentations, during which the audience will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge on the following topics:

Requirements and Evaluation of Smart Amplifiers in Modern Audio Systems with Ellis Blackford Stroud, Klippel GmbH

Recent developments in embedded technologies have enabled the proliferation of smart audio amplifiers featuring real-time output stage monitoring and powerful digital signal processors. These facilitate the implementation of novel active loudspeaker control and protection technologies. This presentation discusses the evaluation and requirements of such amplifiers with regards to a planned IEC standard proposal.

The Pure Acourate Sound Project (in German) with Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann, Audiovero (in German language)

Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann from Audiovero will explain the defining characteristics of loudspeakers and reproduction systems, in pursuit of the desired ideal music experience. Basic requirements and background insights will be presented and highlighted. The solutions on which the project is based will be discussed and elaborated. Is it possible that this can have a real and audible impact? The answer is in fact a resounding yes.

On Saturday, 11 May 2024, the X-Pert Stage will be the venue for an exchange of views among top-class stakeholders in the audio industry. Together, they will discuss various issues relating to the future of high-quality music and sound reproduction.

Has vinyl playback technology gone about as far as it can go?
Moderation: Michael Fremer, Editor-in-Chief "", Editor-in-Large, "The absolute sound", USA

Advances over the past few decades in phono cartridge, tonearm and turntable design, manufacturing and materials, as well as a better understanding of how all interact in retrieving information inscribed in the record groove have helped produce remarkable improvements in vinyl playback mechanical and sonic performance. It’s fair to say that record producers 50 years ago had no idea how much musical and spatial information they were engraving into those old grooves that today we can retrieve and enjoy. Will the next few decades deliver even greater advances? Michael Fremer will pose that question and more to a panel of today’s most forward thinking and doing analog experts.

Where will the hi-fi business be in 10 years' time? (in German language)
Moderation: Ali Ibrahim – Marketing and Event Manager, HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH

While technologies are advancing at an ever-increasing pace, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically in recent years. This raises a number of questions. How important will hi-fi technology and high-quality music reproduction be a decade from now? What demands do users have in terms of technology and appearance, and how do these influence the audio industry? Will there be a new generation of hi-fi fans in the future? Will "invisible sound" become the standard and TV evolve into a universal media panel? Well-known guests from the industry will hazard a look into the crystal ball and discuss exciting visions.

Hi-fi streaming – where do we go from here? (in German language)
Moderation: Axel Telzerow - STEREO Editor-in-Chief

Amid the unstoppable triumph of music streaming, the hi-fi landscape is also inevitably changing – a process currently in full swing everywhere. Axel Telzerow, Editor-in-Chief of STEREO Magazine and, will lead a group of experts in a panel discussion and provide insights into the market, new products and services, exploring the future path of hi-fi streaming. Interested members of the public are warmly welcome to attend, and audience Q&A is expressly encouraged.

The new X-PERT STAGE offers trade visitors, media professionals and all music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts a wide range of opportunities to expand their knowledge, gain new insights and join in shaping the future of audio enjoyment.

The events on Friday, 10 May, are open to all interested parties with a B2B ticket or a press ticket. The panel discussions on Saturday, 11 May, are also geared to consumers with a visitor ticket for the HIGH END 2024. An overview of all events can be found on our website and in the fact box below.

Information on the HIGH END

The HIGH END, the internationally renowned audio trade show, is the undisputed leader when it comes to impressively setting the tone for top-class music reproduction. It has been providing ideas and impetus for producers, sellers and consumers of high-quality consumer electronics for four decades. On the four days of the event in May, the entire world of audio experts and professionals will gather in Munich to visit hundreds of exhibitors from more than 40 different countries as they showcase their latest innovations in the halls and atriums of the MOC Event Center.

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Lectures on Friday, May 10:

11 am - Ellis Blackford Stroud
12 pm - Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann

Panel discussion on Saturday, May 11:

11 am - Michael Fremer
1 pm - Ali Ibrahim
3.30 pm - Axel Telzerow

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