May 9 TO 12, 2024

The new ALIENO 150-120 LTD tube amplifier and the new ALIENO tube phono preamp.

This year Acustica Applicata, in addition to the acoustic treatment of the room with DaaD, Polifemo, Halifax and Volcano, will present two great and exclusive news:
the new Alieno 150-120 LTD tube amplifier and the new Alieno tube phono preamp.
Room F001, ground floor, Hall 4.

Unique in the world, Alieno 150-120 LTD offers the possibility of using the two most famous direct heating tubes 300B and 2A3, to have 150 Watts per channel with the 300B, or 120 Watts/channel with the 2A3.

In addition to the power output, this power amp also modifies its sonic characteristics depending on the tube used. A dual display on the front panel shows the type of tube installed, to confirm to the user that Alieno has simply and automatically adjusted all parameters for the selected tube without the need to make any external modifications or use any tool.

On Thursday and Friday, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., the designer of the Alieno, engineer Fulvio Chiappetta, will be present to satisfy the curiosity of journalists and audiophiles.
Like last year, the room will be set up in collaboration with Cessaro Horn Speakers and Döhmann Audio.

Halle 4 F001