May 9 TO 12, 2024


727 preamplifier debuts at HIGH END 2023.

Following the credo: do not add anything, do not omit anything, Soulution challenged themselves by asking the question: “Can we add less and omit less compared to what we have already achieved?” The new Soulution 7 series products are new designs from ground up and do clearly outperform their successful predecessors. Key improvements for the new 727 preamplifier:


- noise reduced by roughly 20dB,
- bandwidth pushed to 20MHz, thus reducing phase errors in the audio band,
- common mode rejection increased by 20dB,
- channel separation increased by 30dB,
- distortion not measurable

The sonic performance of the 727 preamplifier is pushed to yet another level. The soundstage gets wider and deeper with more air around instruments and performers. Higher resolution combines with a more lifelike musicality. There is even more heft and authority in the bass while smallest details get resolved with more delicacy.

Atrium 4.1 E107