May 9 TO 12, 2024

RME launches DPS-2 and LNI-2 DC

DPS-2: Super Low Noise Linear Audio Power Supply with Unique µ Filter and Sensor Technology!
The new DPS-2 is an exceptional linear power supply that boasts not only impressive technical data but also a wide range of unique and highly useful features. For instance, the compact device features two differently filtered outputs. The housing and front panel of the DPS-2 are based on the ADI-2 series, accommodating RME's innovative circuitry design on only half rack width.

LNI-2 DC: Unique Active DC Filter with Galvanic Isolation for Use with DC Power Sources!
RME presents the LNI-2 DC, an active DC filter in a compact and portable design. The LNI-2 DC provides isolation, regulation and filtering of output signals from any 12 volt DC power source, enabling a remarkable improvement in DC voltage stability while providing an ultra-clean 12 V power source. This results in an enhanced audio signal and sound quality avoiding humming, buzzing and other noises that can be caused by power supplies or dirty mains power.

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