May 9 TO 12, 2024

Djabe: Art In Tone - full analogue, direct-to-disc DMM recorded, 45 RPM audiophile quality album at the Show!

Band leader Attila Egerhazi presents Djabe records and tapes in Munich for the first time.

"Djabe is one of the best working fusion bands in the world today.”
Kent Sangster artistic director, Edmonton Jazz festival, Canada

„The best band I ever worked with”
Steve Hackett

Djabe is a world-class multi award winning jazz/world/prog fusion band. So far, they have performed in 44 countries. Since their 1996 debut album, Djabe has issued more than 140 physical releases including vinyls, 2 & 4 track tapes, CDs, DVD-Audios, Blu-rays, etc.
Thanks to their audiophile quality Djabe vinyls have become reference recordings in high-end showrooms. Djabe can look back on 26 years of partnership with Abbey Road Studios, and the experts at one of the world's leading recording studios admire the recordings of Djabe albums. In 2023 they released the album Djabe – Art In Tone. It was recorded at the Artone studio in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Djabe produced fully analog direct-to-disc DMM recordings and parallel 2-track master tapes.
Making of Art In Tone


Hall 4 V03