May 9 TO 12, 2024

The New High-End All-In-One Portable Audio System by Lotoo

Lotoo's Mjölnir is a statement, signalling a new era and product lineup for the company. With 20 years of audio R&D experience under its belt, Lotoo has successfully developed a versatile, hybrid solution that combines high-end quality with portability. This results in a powerful, all-in-one system that exudes elegance and delivers top-notch performance.

Lotoo's operating system, tailored specifically for audio, is one of the company's greatest strengths. The LTOS has been in development for over two decades and was originally designed to meet the high demands of the professional broadcasting industry. It is designed with audio performance and stability as the primary focus, guaranteeing the highest possible sound quality. It is no surprise that it is used by the pro-audio industry.

Mjölnir is the culmination of Lotoo's past successes, including the PAW Gold and PAW Gold Touch. This new system packs even more power and more potent hardware, making it an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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