9. BIS 12. Mai 2024

PMC Active twenty5i series and Active upgrades get European debut at HIGH END

PMC will use the HIGH END, Munich, for the European debut of its new Active twenty5i series. The four, two-way, models provide an optimised solution for music lovers looking for PMC’s studio quality sound, with its ultra-high resolution and clarity, from a fuss-free system that dispenses with the need for external amplification.

An active upgrade will be offered to existing owners of two-way twenty5 and twenty5i speakers – 21, 22, 23 and 24 – so they can also benefit from higher resolution, control, and transparency with a simple-to-install active upgrade pack.

Building on the company’s 30+ years of manufacturing class-leading studio monitors with active amplification, the Active twenty5i series brings the same approach to PMC domestic audio systems for the first time. With integrated electronics and perfectly matched amplification, the Active twenty 5i models enable a superb performance without requiring a separate power or integrated amplifier. All the user needs to do is add a pre-amp or a streaming device to create a complete high-resolution system.


PMC demonstrate the new products in room Atrium 3.1 D106