9. BIS 12. Mai 2024

Furutech announces release of CF-201 NCF Spade & CF-202 NCF Banana connectors

Furutech Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, manufacturer of refined analog, digital, video cable and accessories, announces the addition of their first spade and banana connectors to feature the antistatic, antiresonance material NCF – the CF-201 NCF Spade & CF-202 NCF Banana connectors (Shipping May 1st) – to the NCF Signal Series.

Music lovers will be able to experience an extraordinary audio performance with the NCF Signal Series, Furutech's latest innovation in high-end audio accessories. With 30-plus years of experience and a reputation as one of the world leaders in audio technology, Furutech has once again raised the bar for audio quality in their products with the NCF Signal Series.

Featuring Furutech's award-winning Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF), these top-of-the-line spade, banana and XLR connectors have been meticulously crafted to eliminate electrical and mechanical resonance, aiming for the purest possible audio signal. By reducing noise and improving imaging and sound staging, the NCF Signal Series is designed to take listening enjoyment to the next level.

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