9. BIS 12. Mai 2024


The new Trapeze Reimagined is based on the same principles as the original heritage model. Yet it has been brought bang up to date with the very best, most innovative technology available.

An homage to the company’s very first loudspeaker. The embodiment of 45 years of passion, innovation, and love of music. And quite simply, a thing of beauty. As a 3-way floor standing design, the Trapeze Reimagined features a 12-inch high-power mid/bass driver. A 5-inch high-speed midrange. And a purpose designed Audiovector SEC Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.

The three drivers combine to achieve a flat frequency response. Above all, they deliver an even power response, matching the famous Brüel & Kjær ideal room response – something that has always represented a significant goal of our engineering. As with all Audiovector models, the Trapeze Reimagined is designed as a home-friendly loudspeaker. The low frequency tuning is designed to bring weight and drama to any music – as well as beauty and atmosphere to any room.

Visit Atrium 4.2 Room F203 for a demonstration of this new and revolutionary loudspeaker.