The Audio Show

November 2 + 3, 2024

Events & Specials

Cleverly assembled entry-level systems

SOUNDSCLEVER is a recognized standard and an orientation guide for all visitors to the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Zurich. It provides recognition to complete playable audio systems offering extraordinary sound performance for less than CHF 5,000. A technical and musical experience for the discerning audiophile.

During the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Zurich exhibition, various professionals from the industry will present their contribution to the HIGH END SOCIETY's SOUNDSCLEVER initiative. The rules are the same for all specialists: aside from the provision that a set is ultimately not allowed to cost more than CHF 5,000, there are no restrictions. Thus, the combinations are expected to reflect the full spectrum of the audio industry: either strictly digital, high-end analog or both combined in one hi-fi system.

Direction signs bearing the SOUNDSCLEVER logo will show you the way to a clever audio system.