May 15 TO 18, 2025

Events & Specials

On Saturday and Sunday the HIGH END is open to the general public, offering Hi-fi fans and music lovers the opportunity to further explore their passion. There will be something for every visitor, including impressive listening experiences and exciting technical demonstrations. From well-known brands, through independent labels, right down to young start-ups, everyone is looking forward to be able to showcase their latest innovations at the leading international audio trade show this year. The HIGH END also features a variety of events and specials, promising to provide a diverse and entertaining programme.


X-PERT STAGE - the new talk and lecture format

The X-PERT STAGE, the new talk and lecture format at the HIGH END, offers trade visitors, media professionals and all music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts a wide range of opportunities to expand their knowledge, gain new insights and join in shaping the future of audio enjoyment. On Friday and Saturday, industry experts, manufacturers and enthusiasts will give their take on the future of the audio industry, explore new horizons together and share their audiophile knowledge.

The events on the agenda complement the international audio show with lectures on theoretical principles by renowned experts, along with several fascinating panel discussions with leading industry experts.

Friday, 10th May at 11 am

Requirements and Evaluation of Smart Amplifiers in Modern Audio Systems
with Ellis Blackford Stroud, Klippel GmbH (in English language)

Friday, 10th May at 12 pm (canceled)

Das Pure Acourate Sound Project
with Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann, Audiovero (in German language)

Saturday, 11th May at 11 am

Has vinyl playback technology gone about as far as it can go?
Moderation: Michael Fremer – Editor-In-Chief „“ und Editor-in-Large „The absolute sound“
(in English language)

Saturday, 11th May at 1 pm

Where will the hi-fi business be in 10 years' time?
Moderation: Ali Ibrahim – Marketing and Event Manager HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH
(in German language)

Saturday, 11th May at 3.30 pm

Hi-fi streaming – where do we go from here?
Moderation: Julian Kienzle – STEREO
(in German language)


Headphones are companions most music lovers cannot do without, for enjoying music when out and about or undisturbed at home. Ranging from wireless Bluetooth technology to wired high end models, as an in-ear version or with noise cancelling, the portable models, available in a wide variety, are a firmly-established accessory in the audio world. It is the direct way of listening to music, which many people find thrilling and often consider the most beautiful form of music reproduction. The listener is able to take in their favourite pieces with incredible intensity, as disturbing background noises and influences such as room acoustics can largely be tuned out. In addition, top-quality headphone amplifiers make the decisive difference, especially for audiophile listeners.

At the WORLD OF HEADPHONES, presented in a colour-coded separate area in the exhibition halls at the HIGH END show, leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers will be showcasing a large selection of mobile and stationary sound equipment. In this area, visitors can take their time to try out and compare a multitude of different headphones.

Brands at the WORLD OF HEADPHONES Munich

Abyss Headphones
B10a, B10/C05, B10b, ASI Audio B03, Astell&Kern C03, Audeze B01, AUDEZE B03, audioNEXT Kefine C08, aune B02, C01
Auris Audio A13, Austrian Audio B10a, B10/C05, B10b


Campfire Audio
B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Cosmos C12

Dan Clark Audio
C08, dCS A08, Dekoni B12/C09, C11/D01

A13, Enleum C08, Erzetich B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Etymotic B12/C09, C11/D01, eversolo C08

Feliks Audio
B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Fidata B12/C09, C11/D01, FIDELICE B03, final. Inc B07, FOSTEX B03

A06, Guangzhou FiiO Elec. Techn. Co. B05

HEDD Audio
A07, HiFiMAN B15/D05

iFi Audio
B12/C09, C11/D01, I/O-Data B12/C09, C11/D01, IsoAcoustics C02

Kinera Audio
A08a, Kubala-Sosna B12/C09, C11/D01

Lake People
C02, Lotoo C08, Ltd. B05

M2Tech C08, Manunta C08, Medit B02, C01, Meze Audio B04, Millennia Media B03, Mogami C02, Mytek A02

C02, Norma Audio A05


Portento Audio

B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Remora C12, RME B13, Rosson Audio Design C08, Rupert Neve Designs B03

Sendy Audio
C08, Sennheiser B14, Sivga Headphones B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Skyanalog D06, Sonical C12, SOUNDAWARE C10
SOUNDZ B16/D03, Spirit Torino B10a, B10/C05, B10b, SPL C04, STAX A11

B02, C01, TOPPING A09

C02, Volumio C08

Warwick Acoustics Ltd
C06, Weiss B12/C09, C11/D01, Westone Audio B12/C09, C11/D01

B10a, B10/C05, B10b, Zähl C08, ZMF Headphones B10a, B10/C05, B10b

64 Audio B11

Cleverly assembled entry-level systems

SOUNDSCLEVER is a recognized standard and an orientation guide for all visitors to the HIGH END. It provides recognition to complete playable audio systems offering extraordinary sound performance for less than EUR 5,000. A technical and musical experience for the discerning audiophile.

During the HIGH END exhibition, various professionals from the industry will present their contribution to the HIGH END SOCIETY's SOUNDSCLEVER initiative. The rules are the same for all specialists: aside from the provision that a set is ultimately not allowed to cost more than EUR 5,000, there are no restrictions. Thus, the combinations are expected to reflect the full spectrum of the audio industry: either strictly digital, high-end analog or both combined in one hi-fi system.

Direction signs bearing the SOUNDSCLEVER logo will show you the way to a clever audio system at the HIGH END.


You will find SOUNDSCLEVER systems at the following exhibitors

Lindemann, Atrium 4.2, F231b, Ganztägig
All-In-One Network Player: Woodnote Combo, 1980 €
Lautsprecher: Lindemann Move mini, 2180 €
Lautsprecherkabel: QED Reference XT 25, 99 €
Netzkabel: Isotek EVO3, 99 €, Total 4358 €


audioNEXT, Atrium 4.1, E123, Ganztägig
Streaming-DAC: eversolo DMP-A6 (Master Edition), 1299 €
Endstufe: eversolo AMP-F2, 799 €
Lautsprecher: EPOS ES-7N, 1999 €
Lautsprecherkabel: PortentoAudio Performer Speaker Cable, 549 €
XLR-Kabel:PortentoAudio Perfomer XLR Cable, 275 €, Total 4921 €


Sonoro audio, Halle 2 Stand J04, Ganztägig
Plattenspieler: sonoro PLATINUM, 599 €
All-in-One Hifi Receiver: Sonoro MEASTRO quantum, 1999 €
Lautsprecher: sonoro GRAND ORCHESTRA, 2398 €, Total 4996 €


Custom Audio, Halle 2 G17, Ganztägig
Plattenspieler: Xtonebox 121ST, 925 €
Verstärker: Xtonebox Silver-6011, 1550 €
Lautsprecher: Xtonebox S-10C, 1995 €, Total 4470 €


ELAC, Atrium 4.1 F103, Ganztägig
Plattenspieler: ELAC Miracord 50, 499 €
Lautsprecher Aktiv: ELAC DEBUT CONNEX DCB41, 529 €
Subwoofer: ELAC DEBUT S10, 389 €, Total 1417 €