The Audio Show

November 23 + 24, 2024

Events & Specials


Headphones are companions most music lovers cannot do without, for enjoying music when out and about or undisturbed at home. Ranging from wireless Bluetooth technology to wired high end models, as an in-ear version or with noise cancelling, the portable models, available in a wide variety, are a firmly-established accessory in the audio world. It is the direct way of listening to music, which many people find thrilling and often consider the most beautiful form of music reproduction. The listener is able to take in their favourite pieces with incredible intensity, as disturbing background noises and influences such as room acoustics can largely be tuned out. In addition, top-quality headphone amplifiers make the decisive difference, especially for audiophile listeners.

At the WORLD OF HEADPHONES, presented in a separate area at the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Vienna, leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers will be showcasing a large selection of mobile and stationary sound equipment. In this area, visitors can take their time to try out and compare a multitude of different headphones.

Cleverly assembled entry-level systems

SOUNDSCLEVER is a recognized standard and an orientation guide for all visitors to the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Vienna. It provides recognition to complete playable audio systems offering extraordinary sound performance for less than EUR 5,000. A technical and musical experience for the discerning audiophile.

During the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Vienna exhibition, various professionals from the industry will present their contribution to the HIGH END SOCIETY's SOUNDSCLEVER initiative. The rules are the same for all specialists: aside from the provision that a set is ultimately not allowed to cost more than EUR 5,000, there are no restrictions. Thus, the combinations are expected to reflect the full spectrum of the audio industry: either strictly digital, high-end analog or both combined in one hi-fi system.

Direction signs bearing the SOUNDSCLEVER logo will show you the way to a clever audio system. The featured details will be announced here starting in mid-October.



“Mr Workshop”, Matthias Böde, will share the secrets of optimal sound with the audience in different exhibition rooms at the FINEST AUDIO SHOW Vienna 2024.

The program and schedules will be released here in time.