HIGH END 9. - 12.5.2018


If you haven’t visited the HIGH END in Munich before, please hale a look on this short video trailer to give you some impressions and of course we would be happy if you would plan on time your visit to Germany, just to welcome you on site in Munich. We have prepared this imagefilm for you to give you some impressions and of course we would be happy to welcome you on site in Munich-Germany.

Kari Bremnes - Brand Ambassador at the HIGH END 2018

Norwegian singer and songwriter Kari Bremnes is the brand ambassador of the world’s largest audio exhibition, the HIGH END 2018. 

Kari Bremnes presents music on a high artistic level and is one of the most extraordinary female vocalists. Her interpretations embody the perfect link between high artistic perfor- mance and the excellence in music reproduction. 

That our exhibition is able to comply with this extraordinary artist’s high standards is some- thing that we at the HIGH END SOCIETY are extremely proud of. Her style is a blend of folk, singer/songwriter, chanson, pop with electronic elements and the lyrics are deep, describing extraordinary life stories and emotions: full of poetry, musi- cality and passion. The mood in her songs shifts from sad to amusing.