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For Visitors


Order tickets for the next HIGH END

Tickets for the next HIGH END can be ordered here.
Please note that these day tickets are only valid for one of the exhibition days: Friday, Saturday or Sunday. NOT for the trade visitor day on Thursday.

Travel Information, hotel and shuttle service

General Travel Information, hotel and shuttle service

We let you know the best way to travel to Munich. Whether you will travel by train, by car or by airplane, all will be described and as always, we have agreed with several hotels within Munich special rates for our visitors. Please find enclosed a hotel list with all descriptions and all details regarding the available shuttle busses.

Brandlist 2019

The brandlist of 2019.

Exhibitorlist 2019

The exhibitorlist of 2019.


Special events and lectures

The lectures of the HIGH END KOLLEG.

Events during the HIGH END 2019

This year as well, visitors at the HIGH END 2019 can once again look forward to a first-rate mix consisting of numerous events, many music demonstrations, exciting lectures, presentations, demonstrations and workshops, to be staged during the exhibition and featuring high-calibre presenters. 



SoundsClever is an expressive label and orientation aid for visitors to the HIGH END 2019, featuring complete audio systems that offer exceptional sound performance for less than 5,000 Euros. A musical experience  for the demanding listener.