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01. Host and organizer

The HIGH END® exhibition is staged by the HIGH END SOCIETY SERVICE GMBH, represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Stefan Dreischärf, Vorm Eichholz 2g, 42119 Wuppertal, Germany. The HIGH END SERVICE GMBH is legally and economically responsible for the event and authorized to exercise all claims arising therefrom.

02. Criteria for Acceptance, Exhibitor Profile

At the HIGH END® exhibition, equipment and products of the high-end entertainment electronics field are exclusively showcased, along with all media, institutions and organizations associated with this field.

Those entitled to participate in the event include manufacturers of products for exhibit and/or the owners of related distribution rights for the Federal Republic of Germany, whose manufacturing or distribution range corresponds to the product classification of the exhibition. The same criteria apply to suppliers and OEMs.

The products exhibited must be produced in series (mini-series are also sufficient) and be available for purchase in Europe, through the usual channels, for the exhibition visitors. Goods produced for own use, which as one-of-a-kind items are not available for purchase, are not allowed.

It is not permitted to present products at the exhibition that are not manufactured by the exhibitor or distributed in the Federal Republic of Germany, or to provide access to or distribute information material, supplier lists or price lists available for these products.


The products to be exhibited comprise the following categories:

Audio equipment: loudspeakers, amplifiers, audio sources of all kinds, D/A and A/D converters, turntables, tuners, DVDs, SACDs, Blu-Ray, permanent storage, tube devices, servers, streaming clients, crossovers, network filters, surround processors and home theater products, as well as all new media and technologies used for high-quality audio reproduction. Accessories & supplier industry: cables, connectors, components, cabinets, Hi-Fi furniture & equipment, acoustic tools, headphones, trade journals, as well as all kinds of video/sound recordings such as CDs, LPs, Blu-Ray, DVDs, SACDs, online portals, OEM manufacturers and theme-related software.

Video equipment: projectors, flatscreens, LCDs, OLEDs, plasma, projectors and other image reproduction and recording devices, as well as theme-related areas such as DVB, DMB etc.


The category of "installation" may be considered part of the HIGH END®, to the extent that the presentation relates to the high-end entertainment industry and remains in a suitable and high-quality setting.


03. Registration

The invitation to the exhibition or the access to the HIGH END SOCIETY online Exhibition Configurator does not constitute any entitlement to later acceptance to the exhibition. The exhibitor completes a binding registration in their own name for the HIGH END® using the online Exhibition Configurator. Registrations for third parties are not allowed.


The registration must occur by the registration deadline and be filled out completely. Registrations not properly filled out will not be considered.


All registrations received after this registration deadline are subject to an additional processing fee of EUR 490.00 in case we are able to confirm your participation. Please be aware that such late registrations can, of course, only be considered based on the exhibition areas or rooms still available.


The stated costs are only based on the use of exhibition space/rooms during the times specified. All additional costs incurred directly or indirectly by the exhibitor, such as overnight accommodation, meals, parking permits, rental plants, forwarding services, stand construction and security services, are to be paid directly by the exhibitor. Upon receipt of registration, the terms and conditions of participation stated here and all remarks and descriptions are acknowledged in full as binding commitments.

04. Acceptance

The transmittal of the registration via the online Exhibition Configurator constitutes a binding offer to reserve an exhibition stand. After completely filling out and transmitting the registration form within the online Exhibition Configurator, the exhibitor initially receives a confirmation by electronic means that the registration has been received. This occurs automatically and does not constitute any contractual acceptance of the offer for concluding a rental of an exhibition stand.


Upon receipt of the binding registration, the event organizer validates the fulfillment of the exhibitor criteria. The organizer decides on the acceptance of exhibitors and their product portfolio at their sole discretion. Please note that there is no entitlement to acceptance. Acceptance can be denied without stating any reasons, without the option of exercising claims for compensation.


The contract is concluded with the receipt of the acceptance confirmation sent out separately by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to send out this acceptance confirmation no later than six weeks prior to the beginning of the exhibition. Entitlements of the exhibitor arising from this event contract are non-transferable.


The stand, space, and room allocation is made by the organizer according to the criterion of the exhibition theme, taking into account the wishes of the exhibitor and according to the possibilities available, whereby special wishes on the part of the exhibitor shall be taken into consideration wherever possible. The exhibitor has no entitlement to assignment to a specific space, a specific stand or exhibition room.


Hall columns are unavoidable elements of an exhibition hall and must be accepted to the extent that after stand allocation, they are located within the stand space of the exhibitor. This warrants neither any justification for a stand enlargement nor any financial reduction of the stand costs. The organizer reserves the right, in case the existing possibilities are not sufficient, to reduce the maximum exhibition space of the ordered capacity. This limitation can occur at any time up until the completion of the final stand and room allocation, no later than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the exhibition, however.


The acceptance confirmation is only valid for the exhibitor specified therein and the registered product groups and brands (goods). Brands not listed are not published and are not allowed to be exhibited or offered. Goods not approved may be removed by the organizer at the exhibitor's expense. It is possible to retroactively register goods until no later than 30 working days prior to the beginning of the exhibition, to the extent that the other criteria for acceptance are observed.


The organizer is entitled to revoke acceptance already granted if it was granted on the basis of false assumptions or statements or if the prerequisites for acceptance no longer exist at a later time. If an exhibitor is excluded from the exhibition due to a culpable breach of the acceptance prerequisites in the form of exhibiting non-registered goods, a lack of entitlement to register based on non-manufacturer status or a lack of distribution rights for the Federal Republic of Germany or a lack of series manufacturing of the products exhibited, an immediate contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 2,500.00 shall become due, payable within 8 days after receipt of the respective invoice. There is no reimbursement of participation costs. Forfeiture of the contractual penalty does not exclude the assertion of additional claims for compensation.


The data of the exhibitor for fulfilling the services necessary to carry out the exhibition are forwarded to partner companies by the organizer exclusively for the purpose of contract performance. These include, among others, the stand construction companies, the operators of the MOC, security companies, parking garage operators as well as the exhibition forwarders.

05. Co-exhibitors

The main exhibitor is to notify the organizer on the online registration form concerning the inclusion of a co-exhibitor actively engaged in business on the reserved exhibition space. Please note that there is no entitlement to acceptance of a co-exhibitor. Co-exhibitors can be registered up to no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the exhibition.


Co-exhibitors are subject to the same conditions for acceptance as the main exhibitor. Co-exhibitors receive their own online account from the organizer. They have the same rights and duties as the main exhibitor and are allowed to contract the same services such as exhibitor passes, exhibition catalogue entries, advertising, and Internet publishing. However, towards the organizer, the main exhibitor always remains primarily responsible for and entitled to the exhibition space and purchase orders concerning the space, including the keys for rooms.


The main exhibitor is charged a co-exhibitor fee in the amount of EUR 510.00, subject to applicable statutory value added tax, for each co-exhibitor. It is left up to the main exhibitor as to the type of financial arrangement they make with their co-exhibitors, provided they are accepted. The main exhibitor always remains the party owing the co-exhibitor fee.


If the (main) exhibitor uses products for their exhibition presence (presentation) different than those out of their product portfolio, this does not constitute co-exhibitor status requiring registration if no business activity is generated with these products from the exhibition stand and they do not appear promotionally through brochures, posters, folders, price lists, dealer lists and staff from the company responsible for the given product. Otherwise, the responsible manufacturers and/or authorized distributors standing behind these products are to be registered as "co-exhibitors".


If services are made available to a co-exhibitor or services are only rendered in part, partial cancellation is no longer possible. The inclusion of a co-exhibitor without permission of the organizer entitles the organizer to cancel the contract with the main exhibitor without notice and to have the exhibition stand/exhibition room vacated at the exhibitor's expense.

06. Participation Confirmation, Payment Conditions

After online registration has been completed, the acceptance of this registration is initially confirmed. After the registration cut-off date, the exhibitor receives written confirmation of acceptance. In addition, acceptance is indicated to the exhibitor by transmittal of an email.


Simultaneously with acceptance, the exhibitor electronically receives an appropriate invoice per e-mail for the room/stand rent to be paid. The payment terms for the amounts are stated on the invoice. Invoices for other miscellaneous deliveries and services contracted separately are due for payment from the respective invoice date.


If the exhibitor falls in arrears of payment, interest is calculated in the amount of 9 percentage points above the relevant base interest rate. Should an exhibitor fall in arrears of payment for more than 14 days, the organizer is entitled to cancel the contractual relationship without notice and to make other use of the rented space at their own discretion.

07. Withdrawals, Exclusions

Once registration has been received by the organizer, a withdrawal from the registration or a reduction of the rented stand space by the exhibitor is no longer possible. Should the exhibitor not participate in the exhibition, the entire rent is thus payable in full. Also in case of non-participation by a co-executor, the co-exhibitor fee is to be paid in full. The organizer is to be reimbursed in full for all costs incurred at the behest of the exhibitor. The organizer is entitled to exclude from the exhibition without notice any exhibitors who present goods different from the product range. In this, the entitlement to full rental payment remains intact. The organizer can request the exhibitor at any time to remove goods that were not part of the acceptance and are not compatible with the aim of the event or which prove to be annoying or dangerous. If this request is not granted, the goods shall be removed by the organizer at the exhibitor's expense.

08. Reservations

The organizer is entitled, in the event of unforeseeable, imperative reasons beyond their control, to postpone, shorten, extend, fully or partly close or cancel the exhibition. In such cases, the exhibitors, as in cases of force majeure, are entitled neither to withdrawal or reduction of stand rental nor compensation for damages. The organizer, however, may bill the exhibitor for any services contracted with them in the amount of the costs incurred. If the organizer is responsible for the cancellation of the exhibition, no rent will be charged.

09. Volume, Advertising Panels

In order to ensure an overall appearance commensurate with the standard of the exhibition, the organizer offers turnkey exhibition stands and demonstration cabinets. In reserving and building free areas, the specifications and rules determined for stand design contain binding conditions.


These conditions may be reviewed by all exhibitors in the online Exhibition Configurator under "Guidelines" and must be followed (building height, promotional designs, fire safety).


Advertising panels are only allowed to be placed within the rented stand, space or rooms. It is not permitted to place advertising or sales objects of any type outside the rented exhibition rooms/spaces. This includes hallways, windows, the foyer, and all other areas within and outside the event location. Should any costs be incurred for removing objects placed in violation of the rules and specifications, the exhibitor will be billed for the costs.



The volume of demonstrations during the exhibition must be gauged so that other exhibitors will not be disturbed by the demonstrations. The maximum volume of 75 dBA at the stand perimeters is not allowed to be exceeded when the door to the exhibition room is closed. On "open" stands in the exhibition halls, music demonstrations are not allowed as a general rule.


During the opening hours of the exhibition, a staff member of the exhibitor is required to be present at the stand / in the exhibition room at all times. The exhibits must be visibly displayed during the opening hours of the exhibition. Exhibition rooms and exhibition stands must be fully functional and accessible for visitors up to the end of the exhibition. Dismantling prior to the specified end of the exhibition is not permitted. In case of culpable breach of these rules concerning the presence and functionality of the exhibition rooms and exhibition stands, the organizer is entitled to impose a contractual penalty of EUR 2,500.00 to be paid within 5 working days of receipt of invoice.


10. Sales and Advertising

Only exhibition-related advertising measures are permitted that do not violate statutory regulations and do not offend basic decency. The staging of advertising activities for other companies or other events taking place concurrently is not allowed. The placement and distribution of advertising material or samples outside of the rented stand/room, along with markings and letterings on walls, is prohibited. Advertising material placed in violation of the rules will be removed by the organizer at the exhibitor's expense. In all cases, the decision of the organizer is binding and final. The sale to end-users during the exhibition is forbidden as a rule. Exempted from this rule are providers of sound recordings and accessories, to the extent that they do not involve "devices" (definition according to the low-voltage ordinance EN 60065).

11. Protection of Intellectual Property

The exhibitor ensures that their presentation and the items exhibited do not violate any competition law regulations or other statutory rules and do not breach the intellectual property rights of third parties. The protection and defense of such rights, however, are solely the responsibility of the exhibitor whose rights are infringed. Should the organizer be subject to a lawsuit based on the presentation and/or the exhibited items of the exhibitor, the exhibitor, upon initial request by the organizer, shall indemnify and hold the organizer harmless of all claims, including any reasonable costs for legal defense.

12. GEMA

The permission of GEMA (German society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) is required for public reproduction of copyrighted content by means of sound recordings or videos as well as for live music performances. The exhibitor is solely responsible for the proper registration. More under www.GEMA.de

13. Catalog

The organizer publishes a catalog as well as a cell phone app for the event. The exhibitors are informed online concerning the entries and advertising opportunities. Each exhibitor is responsible for the content of entries and any possible damage occurring as a result. Should the organizer, as publisher of the catalog or all Internet publications, be subject to a lawsuit based on alleged violations of rights or infringements of intellectual property rights due to the content of the entries and the related advertising, the exhibitor, upon initial request, shall indemnify and hold the organizer harmless for all resulting claims, including reasonable costs of legal defense.

14. Cleaning and Disposal

It is the exhibitor's own responsibility to provide for the cleaning of the rented exhibition space and showrooms during the run of the exhibition. An offer for these services is available online with an order form. Waste disposal for the duration of the exhibition and during the installation and dismantling times occurs at the exhibitor's expense.


At the end of the exhibition, the exhibitor is not allowed to leave at their stand/in their room any waste or other materials that need to be disposed of. In case of doubt, this will be documented and the exhibitor will be billed for the cost of removal.

15. Venue Regulations

During the exhibition, the exhibitor is subject to the venue regulations of the organizer and to the venue regulations of the exhibition venue. The instructions of authorized representatives of the organizer and of the exhibition venue are to be followed. Third-party stands/rooms are not allowed to be entered outside of the official opening hours of the exhibition without the permission of the respective stand owner.


The staging of dealer presentations, press conferences or other events on the stands/in the rooms outside of the official opening hours of the exhibition is not permitted.


Photography and sketching for commercial purposes is only allowed with the permission of the organizer. Press photographers with a proper badge are allowed to take press photos without special permission of the organizer.


The organizer is authorized to have photographs, film recordings and sketches produced of exhibition stands and items on display and to use them for own publications. The exhibitor hereby grants their consent for the use of photographs, film recordings and sketches depicting them or their exhibition stand. The exhibitor obliges to exclusively hire persons on their stand who have likewise declared their consent for the use of photographs, film recordings and sketches.


Should any such claims be made by personnel towards the organizer, the exhibitor obliges upon initial request of the organizer to indemnify and hold the organizer harmless for all such claims, including reasonable costs of legal defense.


16. Liability and Insurance

For damage to exhibition goods and stand equipment and their loss, liability is limited to willful or gross negligent breach of duty by the organizer, their employees or other vicarious agents. This does not apply to the breach of essential contractual duties (material duties) or the injury to life, body or health. The same applies to claims according to the Product Liability Act and the Data Protection Act.


In case of disruptions of operations of any kind or other occurrences impairing the event, the organizer is only liable if these occurrences can be proven to have been caused willfully or through gross negligence by them or their vicarious agents.


For damages to persons or property caused by the exhibition objects, the organizer is only liable if the damage can be proven to have been based on willful or gross negligent conduct on the part of the organizer, their employees or other vicarious agents.

17. Final Provisions

All agreements, individual permits and special arrangements pertaining to the exhibition require written confirmation by the organizer. The statute of limitations begins with the end of the exhibition. The place of performance and exclusive legal venue for all mutual obligations of the parties arising from this contract, as well as any disputes arising from and in association with the contract, is Wuppertal, Germany.


The contractual relationship is exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German text is exclusively definitive for the content of the contract. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions of participation be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Stefan Dreischärf, Stand: October 2018