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Atrium 3 - 1st Floor

Important Details:

Air Condition:
All rooms at the Atrium are equipped with air condition systems.

Main power connection:
All Atrium rooms are equipped with in wall power sockets, 230V, 50HZ. Each wall side maximum load is 3KW.

Fuses at the room:
Each room has two power circuits, each 3KW (each wall has its own circuits). We have installed so called fast fuses (FI) and that is, why some electronic with huge power consumption while switching on, results sometimes in “black out”. On request, we offer to change the fast fuses (FI) on both circuits into slower alternative.

All Atrium rooms have grey colored carpet.

Fire-Protection + storage
At all Atrium rooms the little green exit sign must be visible all the time and this emergency exits (2nd door or window), must be reachable all the time. It is not allowed to store any packaging material inside the Atrium rooms. It is also not allowed to lock the 2nd emergency door.

Room Ceiling:
The ceiling should be not covered as Sprinkler systems installed. In case some special covering is requested, please ask the Technical dept. of the MOC.

Floor plans:

Click on any single room number to open the detailed plan of each room

Atrium 3.1 Atrium 3.1