Kari Bremnes - Brand Ambassador at the HIGH END 2018

Norwegian singer and songwriter Kari Bremnes is the brand ambassador of the world’s largest audio exhibition, the HIGH END 2018. 

Kari Bremnes presents music on a high artistic level and is one of the most extraordinary female vocalists. Her interpretations embody the perfect link between high artistic perfor- mance and the excellence in music reproduction. 

That our exhibition is able to comply with this extraordinary artist’s high standards is some- thing that we at the HIGH END SOCIETY are extremely proud of. Her style is a blend of folk, singer/songwriter, chanson, pop with electronic elements and the lyrics are deep, describing extraordinary life stories and emotions: full of poetry, musi- cality and passion. The mood in her songs shifts from sad to amusing. 

HOT Bochum

Next show: 2nd + 3rd December 2017

For the first time since 2010 the HIGH END ON TOUR will finally be back in Bochum. Since our events in NRW have always been extremely positive and highly frequented by the exhibitors as well as the visitors of the fair, we are already looking forward to a HIGH END ON TOUR at the RuhrCongress Bochum - it offers in combination with the Renaissance Bochum Hotel best conditions for living music-like performances.

In addition, the open stands will be inviting to trade and present the latest products. The best devices of the market are once again presented by the respective manufacturers and importers. Exhibitors from the region are also present at the HIGH END ON TOUR.


Kick off was made

High End Audio Aficionados will have the opportunity to plan their visit right now to travel to Zurich-Switzerland, as on November 4th and 5th the HIGH END SWISS 2017 takes place for the 9th time at the Moevenpick Hotel.

The Moevenpick hotel with their convention center is the ideal stage for presentations of first class products in such beautiful and useful ambience. The centrally located hotel within Switzerland offers all options for our exhibitors. In numerous conference- and hotel rooms, perfect audio presentations take place. Visitors will have the chance to see and hear the latest devel-opments in rooms which are sized like their own living room. We're looking forward to welcome all exhibitors and visitors in Zurich.

HIGH END 2018: 10th to 13th of MAY 2018

The MOC in Munich hosts the HIGH END, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the expression. Some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophiles inspiration. Others see it as a business date of the highest priority. And both are right.


Spread good sound around the country

The HIGH END ON TOUR (HoT) is the ideal way to get in contact with local dealer and the public since we all know, that even if the Munich HIGH END is always the main event, not everyone knows about it. So please see the dates and locations for the next shows. We would be happy to welcome you on site with good music.