Based on the long lasting Knowledge of the HIGH END SOCIETY, we have locations across the country, where the industry will be able to demonstrate their products. To attend at the show will be possible for companies with distribution rights for the named country. It can be the manufacturer or the distributor in charge.

In their own responsibility, they will be able to rent a room for their own demonstrations or they can rent an open booth (stand). Companies, who would like to offer only one product to be mixed with other brands for a mixed demo-system, will be also able to do so.

We will invite also several shop owner of the particular region (dealer) to attend and to give the visitors the possibility to get in contact with them on site. Of course the dealer will be allowed to let the public know which brands they carry in their shops, but it will be not allowed for them, to do any kind of promotion for hardware, companies or strange brands.

The HIGH END on TOUR will become a typical hotel-show and will complement the main HIGH END Show in Munich in a perfect way. It will be a small HIGH END and that is what it is named: The HIGH END® on TOUR

We wish you some pleasant experiences.